Many people look at the press to handstand as an impossible task. Lifting your lower body off the ground and into your handstand with precision and intention is a very challenging endeavor. That's where learning the correct progressions can help make the process of learning your press to handstand more manageable

One progression to consider incorporating is working on the press from high to low. Start with an elevated surface for your feet and your hands on the ground. This height will not only help create a stacked upper body position (hips over shoulders over hands), but it will also decrease the likelihood of any unnecessary leaning (i.e. planching action). The elevated feet will also make the pressing action easier and will hopefully allow you to find a point where you can press on your own

Once your starting height becomes simple, slowly decrease the height until the feet are closer to the ground. Do this incrementally over long periods of time. It will allow you to see your progress and know exactly how far you've come!

IMPORTANT: If you're trying this drill for the first time, use a spotter. Do your best to find a training buddy you trust. The spot isn't too difficult, but it will require hands-on assistance. Make sure you're comfortable with each other to get the most out of the spot.

This is just one angle to tackle the press to handstand. There are many other progressions that can help make this challenging skill become a reality. The elevated press drill should be one that all aspiring gymnasts have in their arsenal of tools.

In strength,
Dave Durante 

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