This is a Power Monkey Benchmark workout...so you know what that means, make sure you record your score on this one to compare against later. This workout is deceptive...the sit-up, burpee, and air squat might seem like simple movements, but paired together in this format...they hit hard. The goal here should be to get as many reps as possible on round one...but still be able to recover enough to come close to matching the same score on round two. How fast of a pace can you maintain?

"2 MIN MAN" 
2 rounds,
2 min max Sit Up
2 min rest
2 min max Burpees
2 min rest
2 min max Air Squat
2 min rest

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  • Jordan

    68/58 – Abmat Sit-ups
    49/49 – Burpees
    85/85 – Airsquats

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