At Power Monkey Fitness, we are a technique-focused company.  However, as a group of former elite athletes, we've always retained a little competitive spirit. If you have ever been to a challenge night at Power Monkey Camp, you've seen this firsthand! 
Workouts will be released every Thursday morning and will include videos, technique tips, and the intention behind the workout from the Power Monkey Coach who created it.
Take the challenge and submit your score to see how you stack up against our team!


This is a Power Monkey Benchmark workout...which means, you will see this one again for sure. You will have to find a maintainable balance of speed on the burpees to get done as quickly as possible without going so hard that you need to slow down considerably due to exhaustion and thus get stuck doing even more rounds and more cleans.


100 Burpees,
*At the start of the workout & every minute perform 10 dumbbell cleans (50/35)

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