Love me some “Death By” workouts!  These are all about going to that dark place and pushing just a little bit harder than what you think you are capable of doing.  V-Ups are a classic gymnastics movement based on a good compression.  Relies on strong abs/hip flexors as well as mobile hamstrings/lower back.  If your compression is a work in progress, try this with tuck ups in place of full V-Ups. 

The classic "Death By" workouts increase every minute, but this workout increase every 30 seconds. This will keep the workout a little more manageable from a time perspective.  

Early on, I would use all the extra time between rounds to be spent in seal position keeping abs/hip flexors open pliable.  Turn from back to stomach during rest periods to help recover as much as possible to keep fatigue at bay. On V-Up, hands must touch feet for rep to count.  Touching knees is good on the tuck up variation.



Every 30 Seconds For as Long as Possible,
1 rep in the first 30 seconds
2 reps in the second 30 seconds
3 reps in the third 30 seconds, etc.
Scale: Tuck Ups

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