Position, awareness, and technique will be the best way to manage fatigue and move smooth through this WoD. Work to find the most stacked and efficient position in the handstand hold and the overhead squat to limit shoulder fatigue. If you are leaning and trying to counterbalance too much, this will be more resting and breaks than working. Get stacked and see how many rounds you can hit unbroken. -Mike Cerbus
10min AMRAP
30sec Back to Wall Handstand
5 Power Snatch
5 Overhead Squat (95/65)

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  • Dave

    Love this one Coach Mike. Got through 6 rounds + 5 P.Snatches. My handstands are solid, but the shoulder fatigue was real! 95lb was just right for me. Not sure I would have been able to do this with much more and had the same stimulus.

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