Complete Guideline of using a Gym Rowing Machine with Rika Geyser

"When the machine is at a standstill it is most efficient to start with a couple of shorter strokes. I recommend something like 3/4, 1/2, 1/2, 3/4 and then full or bracket, feet, feet, bracket, long." -Rika Geyser 


In 2001, Rika started coaching and soon distinguished her style with a holistic approach and her eye for detail. She specializes in body rehabilitation and alignment, and is a self-confessed body nerd. Her positive, motivating humour inspires the athletes she works with. Rika lives in Cape Town and loves hiking barefoot in the mountains. Her athletic achievements include:

  • Rowed at University of Washington 1999-2001: 2x NCAA Champion. UW Rower of the year. UW female athlete of the year.  All-American. PAC 12 Rowing team of the century
  • Olympic Games 2008 Beijing
  • Crossfit Games 2011 & 2012