Power Monkey Podcast 180 - Rika Geyser

Rika Geyser has been a part of Power Monkey and our Camps from very early on. Her list of accomplishments is vast within the rowing and fitness world. She is an Olympian, having competed in Beijing in 2008, she is a CrossFit Games Athlete, and after having rowed at the University of Washington, she was named as part of the "All-Century Team" for women's rowing.

Aside from Rika's impressive list of competitive accomplishments, what we find some incredible about her is her coaching approach, and her ability to connect with those that she works with. He primary tenet when coaching is to "First, do no harm". This comes after retiring from years of competition and finding herself with a wrecked body.

Rika's love for her sport, and for helping others is undeniable. It's no wonder why we always find ourselves smiling more after our time with her.

Rika's IG: @rikas08


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