Power Monkey Podcast 200 - Dave Lipson


For our 200th episode, we brought on one of the OG's of CrossFit. Dave Lipson was a multi-time Games Athlete, a former professional baseball player, and a long-time member of the prestigious CrossFit Seminar Staff. Dave is an absolute wealth of knowledge regarding fitness and performance. Most recently, Dave has taken his years of experience and directed them towards his new fitness goals within Bodybuilding. 

We spend much of the conversation discussing how training for hypertrophy (Muscle Growth) can benefit the functional fitness athlete.

This was a fascinating and fun conversation, and we can't wait to implement more of Dave's ideas into our training.

Dave's IG: davefreakinlipson

Check out Dave's Muscle Anarchy Program here: https://thundrbro.com/products/muscle-anarchy


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