Power Monkey Podcast 208 - Alison Scudds


Our guest today is CrossFit athlete Alison Scudds. Alison's ultimate goal within the sport of CrossFit is to qualify for and compete as an individual at the CrossFit Games. This pursuit has led her to shift gears and her approach to some of her training. Specifically that of olympic weightlifting, which she has generally excelled, however now she has choosen to really dial in the finer technical points of those lifts in an effort to build her confidence at the barbell. 

As a Power Monkey Camp Alumni, we have seen Alison in action up close, she is thirsty for knowledge, and hungry for another shot to claim her spot at the Games. We are excited to watch.

Alison's IG: @ascudds



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  • (00:02:22): Pride in Ohio origins, contrasting beauty of Ohio with Pacific Northwest.
  • (00:03:47): Alison's educational journey from Columbus, Ohio, to the University of Miami.

  • (00:04:53): Discussing competitive cheerleading and gymnastics background.

  • (00:06:53): Differences and similarities in gymnastics and cheerleading skills.

  • (00:07:52): Sharing favorite gymnastics skills and challenges of different performance surfaces.

  • (00:09:02): Alison's experience at the American Open and the precision of weightlifting.

  • (00:15:21): Focusing on technical Olympic weightlifting training and evolving training methods.

  • (00:26:04): Evolution of Alison's relationships with coaches and their impact.

  • (00:29:27): Importance of quality-focused training approach in Olympic weightlifting.

  • (00:30:05): The necessity of accumulating quality reps for technical proficiency.

  • (00:32:13): Identifying specific needs and finding a coach to align with them.

  • (00:35:23): Patience and curiosity in the training process for breakthrough moments.

  • (00:37:22): Reflecting on potential coaching future and joy in helping others.

  • (00:40:55): Sharing the experience and role on the CrossFit Games Demo Team.

  • (00:51:25): Balancing spectator experience with athlete preparedness for events.

  • (00:54:06): Alison's interest in musician Fred again and the impact of live music at events.

  • (01:01:23): Recommending the game "Blood on the Clock Tower" and its mechanics.

  • (01:06:54): Invitation to follow Alison's educational and inspiring social media content.