Power Monkey Podcast 210 - Open 24.1 Strategy with Matt Torres


The 2024 CrossFit Open is here and with that we would like to discuss the very first workout and give actionable tips and strategy to the everyday athlete.

What we all watched on TV with the Games Athletes performing this workout is most likely NOT what it will look like for the majority of us. To help us break down the workout and develop a game plan is the CEO and Head Coach of Brute Strength: Matt Torres.

Grab your note pad, and lets get after this first workout!

Throw your score in the comment section.

Matt's IG: @heycoachmatt



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01:41:29 - Analyzing last night's workout nuances

02:19:16 - Diving into workout's strategic depth

02:41:20 - Discussing warm-up routines pre-workout

03:04:24 - Breaking down key athlete techniques

04:30:22 - Comparing this year's to past workouts

05:42:23 - Insights into effective strategic adjustments

09:25:01 - Detailed analysis of workout challenges

09:55:22 - Evaluating top athlete performance strategies

10:21:08 - Adapting strategies for varied fitness levels

11:31:15 - Reviewing overall strategic approach post-workout