Chad Vaughn Disclose the Most effective Way to Do Squats

Does having great mobility equate to having a great squat?

"Not necessarily. I don't think that everyone who has the right mobility does squat well.  The big thing for me is that athletes are not matching up the movement of the squat to the goals that they have with the olympic lifts. If I take a snapshot of that bottom part of the squat and examine the position, the closer I can get to perfecting that bottom squat and making that position as strong as possible, then when I receive a clean my body is going to know this is where I want it to go."

We sat down with Chad Vaughn at Power Money Camp to dive into what it takes to sculpt the ideal squat.  

Chad Vaughn is a 2004 & 2008 Olympian in Weightlifting. He is an expert coach and a founder of Power Monkey Camp. 


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